Fix NGINX Error: could not allocate new session in SSL session shared cache “le_nginx_SSL” while SSL handshaking

A typical web server error with NGINX and Certbot, which I recently discovered in error.log: It is an error that occurs sporadically, only in certain scenarios and most often on high traffic websites. Large number of queries. "Le_nginx_SSL", as can be deduced from the name, is responsible for the SSL sessions served… Read More

TLS / SSL Certificates - A new limit of validity imposed since September 2020

The maximum (lifetime) validity of SSL / TLS certificates has varied greatly in recent years, and each time changes were made, the time limit was shorter. Before 2011, the maximum lifespan of TLS certificates was between 8 and 10 years, following that after 2011, CA / Browser Forum (Certification… Read More

Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector (SSL Support for Microsoft Office Outlook 32-bit & 64-bit) - Download

Even though Microsoft Office Outlook has recently lost ground to open source Thunderbird competition, it is by far the most used email, tasks, calendar and contacts management client. Hotmail / Live Mail is a Microsoft product, but in configuration default of Microsoft Office Outlook there is no possibility to connect SSL to… Read More