What are .DLL files and what to do if one of the systems / DDL are missing File was not found

We often meet on Windows operating system or application errors caused by missing a .DLL file. MSVCR120.dll, nvumdshim.dll, MSVBVM50.DLL, MSVCRT10.dll are just some of the DLL files that have caused problems in various scenarios and about which we have mentioned how to fix errors caused by their lack. What are files… Read More

What do we do when System Restore does not work in Windows 7 or Windows 8

All users Windows I know how important the feature System Restore when it comes to operating system repair or restoration Windows to a previous state. But, in certain situations, it happens that it does not work correctly (or not at all), the users being unable to create restore points (either manually or automatically,… Read More

How to uninstall third-party themes (Skin Packs) in Windows?

Skin packs or third-party themes are collections of customization software, cursors, sound packs, backgrounds and screens (login screen, boot screen), etc., which allow users to completely change the look of the systems. Windows. The vast majority of skin packs are created to transform the look of an operating system so that it gives the impression of Read More