How do we see the processes / applications on Mac, who have internet connections?

There are scenarios where we need to know what applications or services on macOS have internet connection. Whether we want to detect an application that uses an internet connection in an unjustified way to transfer sensitive data from Mac, either we want to set certain rules in a firewall or we want to limit them… Read More

Unlock multiple files simultaneously on macOS - Unlock Multiple Files macOS

Locking files and folders is especially useful in the scenario where on an operating system macOS several users are present. The "locked" mode for files and folders is designed to prevent editing / editing of sensitive files. This is a special "permission", somewhat similar to "Read Only" in Windows, but it's much better… Read More

How to create a .TAR.GZ (GZip) archive on macOS without application installed

You probably know that Mac OS X / MacOS a .ZIP archive can be created very simply, by selecting the folders and files to be archived, right-click, and from the "context menu" we select the option: "Compress No. Files “. The archive file with the name: "" will be created in the current folder. A much more advanced form of archiving, Read More

Hide the name Macand username in Terminal - macOS

It's not a very stressful thing, but for some users who work frequently in Terminal on macOS / OS X, displaying the name Macand username take up space on the command line. The first line that appears when we open the Terminal is informative. Displays the date on which the last login on the system took place. ... Read More