Disable / Enable Control Panel and PC Settings in Windows 8

If your computer with Windows 8 other people also have access, most likely you will want their impact on the system settings to be minimal or, if possible, non-existent. If other users do not have much knowledge about operating systems Windows (than as novice users), you will definitely Read More

How can we add options Restart and Shutdown in the Power / Win + X menu in Windows 8

users Windows 8 pot restartto or shut down the system either by accessing the PC Settings from the Charms menu, or by adding tiles for these two actions in the Start Screen. Another way to make it easier for users to access Shutdown and Restart in Windows 8 would be to add them to the Win + X (Power Menu) menu, menu displayed using… Read More

Tweak Windows 8 Aero with Aero Glass Tweaker

In default, Windows 8 does not have the Aero Glass feature, but it can be activated using third-party applications such as Aero Glass for Win8, WinAeroGlass, or using the custom theme Windows 7 Aero for Windows 8. Aero Glass Tweaker is a free application that users can use to modify… Read More

How to add the Scan with option Windows Defend in Windows 8 Context Menu

Windows 8 comes bundled with its own antivirus program, specifically with Windows Defender, which replaces the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus in the new operating system. In any case, Windows Defender does not include the option to scan folders from Windows 8 using the right-click menu, but users who are not satisfied with this, can… Read More

How can we prevent it restartautomatic area a Windows 8 after installing updates Windows

I do not know what the preferences of other users are Windows, but I like to have control over my operating system, and here there are small differences with Microsoft. Like the fact that Windows 8 is restartinstalls automatically after installing updates Windows, which can be quite irritating in most cases. Even Read More

How can we restrict access to the Control Panel in Windows 8

Most of the time, when we share our personal computer with other users (or when we manage a computer network, whether of a school, a company or an internet cafe) it is advisable to restrict their access to certain tools. to prevent changes to your computer settings or system files that would later Read More

How can we reactivate Aero Glass (with Blur Effect) in Windows 8

users Windows 8 who feel the lack of the Aero effect, introduced by Microsoft for the first time in Windows Vista, and retired (some would say ahead of time) with the launch of the new system Windows, I can reactivate Aero Glass (also with the blur effect) using a free application called Aero Glass for Win8. Aero Glass for Win8 uses… Read More

Increase performance Windows 8 with EnhanceMy8

Windows 8 signifies the transition between the old operating systems Windows and modern, while also opening up a number of opportunities for Microsoft, both in terms of desktopas well as tablets. The modern, metro-style design of the interface, animations and modern applications are still the subject of controversial discussions, attracting both fans and critics, skepticism and enthusiasm. ... Read More

How can we enable / disable Fast Startup in Windows 8

Among the improvements that came with the package Windows 8, we can say that at the top of the list is the speed of this operating system, much higher than previous versions, regardless of whether we refer to the boot speed or file transfer / copy speed. In addition, it consumes even less system resources. Linked … Read More

How to add the Hibernate option to the Power menu Windows 8

Many users Windows are dependent on the Hibernation option, which they have most likely become accustomed to since Windows XP. This saves documents and applications open on the hard disk and shuts down the computer, the user can then continue working from where he left off, without having to wait for the system to boot or reopen… Read More