How do you prevent ransomware virus infection, responsible for deletion and request fees for decryption

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Directly targeting user data in order to steal large sums of money, one of the most dangerous forms of malware, ransomware presents major challenges for antivirus manufacturers, forced to resort to aggressive methodological procedures to ensure that users are not affected. . Unfortunately, no matter how good the antivirus program used, Read More

Project Spartan, the substitute for the Internet Explorer, revealed in an unofficial video presentation

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Desconspirat in the event of presentation Windows 10, which took place in January, Project Spartan, the web browser that will replace the famous Internet Explorer, was kept away from the curious eyes of the public. According to data provided by Microsoft, the web browser, based on a completely new rendering engine, will include the Cortana wizard with support… Read More

The Internet has been launched Explorer 9 Beta - “A more beautiful web”

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Lately between Firefox and the Internet Explorer a battle of previews (or versions) took place beta - although these are also a kind of preview) that at the moment no one has won yet. And that's because, after the series of previews that Microsoft released for the Internet Explorer 9, in Read More

Microsoft has not yet given up IE6

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Although many large sites such as or want to give up support for the Internet web browser Explorer 6 (primarily because of the vulnerabilities it presents, secondly because it is already 8 years old and 2 other versions of IE have been released since then), Microsoft announced… Read More

How can we condition the IE8 browser to render a web page that IE7.

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Although it is said that the Internet Explorer 8 is created on the structure of previous versions, and as it complies with web standards, many pages are designed to run in normal parameters (maximum compatibility) on the Internet Explorer 7. Compatibility issues of web pages on the new browser, there are. After installing it, I noticed that some blog posts are… Read More

Firefox 3 closer to the final version. Mozilla Firefox 3 RC2, has been released!

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This second Firefox 3 Release Candidate is a preview version of the future Firefox 3 and is being downloaded for testing purposes only. Firefox 3 is based on the Gecko 1.9 Web playback platform. which has been under development for the last 34 months, during which time 14000… Read More