Windows File Recovery - Recover deleted data (pictures, documents, videos, archives) on Windows 10

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Not infrequently it happens to accidentally delete data imported from the hard drive or from a USB Flash Drive, memory card (eg SDcard) or other external media. For the recovery of deleted photos and documents there are various applications, but the several times they are paid and most promise results far beyond… Read More

Microsoft is testing new "Departments" categories in Microsoft Store for Windows 10

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In the newest "preview" versions Windows 10 there are novelties that cannot be overlooked. One of these is the development of the download platform for games, applications and utilities, Microsoft Store.The new version of Microsoft Store improves the store interface and also the user experience on the platform. A much more intuitive classification of the content is made, again… Read More

How to disable the creatives for applications in the Start Menu on Windows 10

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Besides the many innovations of update1511 para Windows 10, Microsoft has also introduced "recommended applications" in the Start Menu. An attempt by Microsoft to encourage users to Windows 10 to install applications from your own store, from the Store. We do not see the benefits of this feature for users. We could even say that it is… Read More