How can we prevent the customization of the Start menu in Windows 10

With the launch Windows 10, Microsoft has reintroduced the Start menu, which combines both features from the classic Start Menu (from Windows 7), as well as features that users got acquainted with when launching Windows 8 and the Start Screen (The Start Screen is still available in Windows 10, but it cannot be used… Read More

How to add custom folders in Home in Windows 10 File Explorer

One of the new features included by Microsoft in Windows 10 is also Home, the folder default the opening File Explorer-ul (in Windows 7, Windows Explorer display Libraries in mod default, again in Windows 8, This PC). Home folder from Windows 10 displays, in addition to the Favorites folders (ie those set as system favorites), the folders… Read More

How can we disable the display of recently accessed folders and files in the Home folder Windows 10 File Explorer

Unlike previous systems, File Exploreracquis in Windows 10 displays in mode default Home folder, which replaces Libraries (Windows Sight yes Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8), which can still be accessed from the Navigation Panel (left side). Also, in the Home folder are displayed both the folders set as system favorites, Read More

How can we hide the Search button from Windows 10 Taskbar

Some updates from your operating system Windows 10 (at least the Technical Preview version) is also the Search button available on the left side of Taskbar, which users of this system can use both to perform local searches (on hard disk) and online, through Bing. Although this might be helpful in Read More

How can we move an open window from a desktop virtually another in Windows 10 Technical Preview

A feature that has so far been missing from the systems Windows is the desktopvirtual (or multiple) features that have been around for several years in OS X and Linux, and that users Windows I can turn in earlier versions of the system using third-party applications. In Windows 10, Microsoft has included this feature among those default of the system,… Read More

How can we display the hard disk partitions in the Home folder Windows 10

One of the changes included in the new operating system Windows 10 is that when we click on File Explorer, it opens the Home folder instead of Libraries (Windows 7) or This PC (Windows 8 / 8.1), folder that in mod default displays the list of favorite folders (Favorites), the list of frequently accessed folders folders) and list Read More

How can we create shortcuts for modern applications on desktopCPC Windows 10 Preview

In Windows 8, modern applications (installed from Windows Store) could not be accessed from desktop (ie the system did not allow the creation of shortcuts for the respective applications on desktop), users having to open the Start Screen to launch such an application. Into the Windows 8.1 however, modern applications could be fixed (pin) on Taskbar for a … Read More

How can we fix (pin) folders in Taskbar in Windows 10 Preview

When it was released Windows 7, one of the features introduced by Microsoft in this operating system was the ability to fix (pin) shortcuts of applications in Taskbar. Users also have the option, both in Windows 7 as in Windows 8, to access frequently used files and folders by right-clicking on… Read More