How to restore gadgets to Windows 8.1

Among the features Windows which Microsoft completely gave up on Windows 8 (besides the Aero Glass interface and the Start menu) are also the gadgets. While a large proportion of users of previous versions of Windows thread macwould not have been curious to try those gadgets, there are many who missed them in… Read More

Defragments modern applications from Windows 8.1 with Smart Defrag 3

Most users Windows they tend to periodically defragment hard drives to improve their performance and speed. When files written to an HDD are saved in fragments, reading them takes longer than they normally should, which is one of the causes of a system's slow operation. Windows (basically, defragmentation is the process of moving some near… Read More

How to create a PC shortcut Settings pe Windows 8.1 Desktop

Normally, in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, users can access the PC Settings via the Charms menu, displayed on the right side of the screen if we move the mouse cursor in the lower right and upper right corners of it (or with the help of the key combination Windows + I). If you are used to using it quite often… Read More

Customize Windows 8.1 with Charms Bar Customizer

With the release of the update Windows 8.1, the main features of the new operating system (eg Start Screen or Locker Screen) have become much more customizable than in Windows 8. But the Charms menu remained one of the few aspects of Windowswhich users cannot customize using default system settings. The… Read More

Download Windows NEVER Start Screen Customizer

With the update Windows 8.1, Microsoft has introduced even more possibilities to customize the Start Screen, such as support for multiple tile sizes, the ability to uninstall multiple modern applications at the same time, or setting the wallpaper for Desktop as a background for the Start Screen. However, users do not Read More

Automatically changes the color of window borders and a Taskbarin Windows 8.1 by the color of the Start Screen background

Windows 8.1 comes bundled with many improvements to the Start Screen in terms of its customization options: more tile sizes, the ability to uninstall multiple applications at the same time, and the ability to set wallpaper on Desktop as a background for the Start Screen. Users can also choose… Read More

How to disable the Start button in Windows 8.1

As I said a few days ago, one of the changes brought by Microsoft to the operating system Windows 8 was to remove the Start button and the Start menu (the latter being replaced by the Start Screen). But Microsoft changed its mind Windows 8.1, and reintroduced the Start Button, but to the disappointment of many, not Read More

How to customize Start Button in Windows 8.1

Last year, when Microsoft launched Windows 8, the biggest surprise was giving up the Start button and the Start menu, which displeased many users. Taking into account the feedback received in the update Windows 8.1 Microsoft has reintroduced the Start Button, although it now opens the Start Screen, which replaced Start… Read More

Download Aero Glass for Windows 8.1

launching Windows 8 came with many surprises, including the lack of the button and the Start menu, as well as the lack of the Aero Glass feature. Although in the update Windows 8.1 Microsoft has partially taken into account the wishes of users (for example, the Start button has been re-entered, although it does not open… Read More