Customize the Lock Screen in Windows 8 / 8.1 with Lockscreenify

To launch Windows 8, the Lock Screen of operating systems Windows they did not have too many customization options available, which were limited to the possibility of changing user profile pictures and background (the latter being possible through system file tweaks). For the Lock Screen… Read More

Bring back the classic interface in Windows 8 with RetroUI

Although it is almost 10 months after launching Windows 8 (plus the time users had to test it before the final version was released), there are still plenty of users who still prefer to use third-party applications to give it an operating system-like appearance and functionality. Windows 7 (using… Read More

Disable / Enable Control Panel and PC Settings in Windows 8

If your computer with Windows 8 other people also have access, most likely you will want their impact on the system settings to be minimal or, if possible, non-existent. If other users do not have much knowledge about operating systems Windows (than as novice users), you will definitely Read More

Customize Windows 8 Lock Screen with Lock Screen Customizer

If you are among the users who prefer to customize their operating systems, Lock Screen Customizer for Windows 8 is an application that will surely attract your attention. Lock Screen Customizer is a free tool with which users Windows 8 can change the background image of the lock screen, can set the periodic change… Read More

DreamScene and Live Wallpaper for Windows 8

users Windows who at one time used the Vista operating system, the Ultimate edition, are most likely familiar with DreamScene and what this feature represents. For those who have no idea what it's about, DreamScene is an experimental feature, available as an excerpt in the edition Windows Vista Ultimate and that allows users… Read More

Modern Start Menu for Windows 8 with Start Menu Reviver

If you're among users Windows 8 who miss the Start Menu, but would like it to "match" with the new modern interface (most third-party applications that bring the Start Menu back to Windows 8 tries a similarity to the one closest to the classic one Windows 7), then you should definitely try Start… Read More

File Explorer modern for Windows 8 with EaseUS FileManager

Although Windows Explorer received its "portion" of customization in Windows 8 by adding the ribbon interface and the new features accessible through it, many users consider that it (Explorerwould also have deserved a metro interface, matched with the modern design of the new operating system Windows. For those users there are some modern alternatives to… Read More

How can we reactivate Aero Glass (with Blur Effect) in Windows 8

users Windows 8 who feel the lack of the Aero effect, introduced by Microsoft for the first time in Windows Vista, and retired (some would say ahead of time) with the launch of the new system Windows, I can reactivate Aero Glass (also with the blur effect) using a free application called Aero Glass for Win8. Aero Glass for Win8 uses… Read More

Increase performance Windows 8 with EnhanceMy8

Windows 8 signifies the transition between the old operating systems Windows and modern, while also opening up a number of opportunities for Microsoft, both in terms of desktopas well as tablets. The modern, metro-style design of the interface, animations and modern applications are still the subject of controversial discussions, attracting both fans and critics, skepticism and enthusiasm. ... Read More

Activate Aero Glass in Windows NOT with WinAeroGlass

One of the major changes of appearance of Windows 8 was also the abandonment of Aero Glass, a feature first introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista. Users who have upgraded from Windows Sight yes Windows 7 to Windows 8 and feel the lack of Aero Glass in the new operating system now have the ability to activate… Read More