How To Fix Windows Update Failed - Download Error 0x80888002 (2022 Tutorials)

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Most errors in Windows Update they appear after the update packages are downloaded and the installation process starts. There are also scenarios in which the download of some updates remains blocked or displays the error “Download Error 0x80888002 “. This can also happen on a PC that does not meet the hardware requirements Windows 11, but I managed to enlist him… Read More

How can we see and solve system errors in Windows 10

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Too few users of Windows 10 I know about Event Viewer, although this function has been present on Microsoft systems for almost 10 years. In Event Viewer, data about all the events in the system are stored in XML format. Admininstructions, operational errors, driver errors, incompatibilities, hardware errors and much more. How to access Event Viewer in Windows 10 and how we read… Read More

[Express] FWPKCLNT.SYS Blue Screen Errors (BSoD)

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First of all, we want to mention that the errors caused by the FWPKCLNT.SYS file are present only on Microsoft operating systems. Windows, Including in particular Windows 7 and Windows 8 / Windows 8.1. On the above mentioned operating systems, the error messages generated by FWPKCLNT.SYS may vary depending on the cause that led to this incident. The… Read More

Unlock locked files and folders from Windows cu File Governor

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Sometimes when we want to delete, edit or rename a file or folder from Windows, we happen to be greeted by an error message that warns us that the action cannot be performed because the file is used by another program. Most of the time the Try Again option does not give any… Read More

How can we fix the error "Windows Installer Services could not be accessed ”

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If you ever happen to want to install an application on your system Windowsbut instead of installing it, you were greeted with the error message. "Windows Installer Service could not be accessed ”, you don't have to worry because there is a very simple solution to solve the problem. not … Read More

How can we delete, move or rename a file locked in Windows

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Sometimes, when we want to delete, move or rename a file in a system Windows, we receive an error message, informing us that the file is either open in a running program or cannot be modified for various other reasons (Windows does not allow editing or deleting a file blocked by… Read More

Complete lists with error codes of Windowsand their meanings

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Most of the time, when we encounter an error in Windows, it happens that we do not have the slightest idea about what the respective error code represents, so neither about what exactly caused it or what is its importance. Most look for the meaning of errors on the internet hoping to learn from other users' experiences Windows cum… Read More

Refresh & Reset PC, two new features of Windows 8

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There are enough causes for a malfunction of an operating system Windows, among the most common being the intentional (or unintentional) change of settings default of the system (and here I mean registers or system files), viruses and the installation / uninstallation of various applications (especially those with an unknown or unrecognized system developer). Solution … Read More

New vulnerability discovered in Windows Shell

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And another one on the fly: Microsoft announced a few days ago that another vulnerability Windowswas identified (sensational!) and immediately measures were taken to "train" it. The breach was discovered in Windows Shell (component Windows OS) and most likely allows the execution of malicious codes remotely (so far… Read More