Windows 10 FIX ERROR: The action can't be completed because the file is open in COM Surrogate

An increasingly common error on operating systems Windows 10, este: The action can't be completed because the file is open in COM Surrogate. This error occurs especially when we list a large number of thumbnails / pictograms of a folder with a very large volume. In our scenario, this error occurred after… Read More

[HowTo] Rename multiple files (pictures, documents) simultaneously on Mac OS X yes Windows PC

There are situations where we need to rename more pictures, documents or other files in a folder. Rename a file to Mac OS X yes Windows PC - Rename File Renaming a file File) is done relatively the same on both OS X and Windows. Select the file, right-click on it, and the "Rename" option from… Read More

How to make My Computer (This PC), Recycle Bin, Network and Control Panel appear on Desktop in Windows 10

For users who have made the transition directly from Windows 7 to Windows 10Skipping Windows 8.1, the working interface (UI / User Interface) may confuse them a bit. First of all on Windows 10, “My Computer” from Windows 7 became "This PC". Windows ExplorerSite / File Exlorer in which devices, drives are displayed… Read More

How can we disable informational pop-ups from Windows Explorer

Informational pop-ups in Windows Explorer are those pop-ups that appear every time we hold the mouse cursor over a folder or file in a folder. Most of the time users Windows ignore these pop-ups, considering that the information provided is quite brief and without any specific relevance (so default type… are displayed Read More

How can we see the size of folders in Windows Explorer

Either we want to know how much space a certain folder occupies on the hard disk, or we want to transfer that folder to a portable device (for example USB Stick) or another drive with limited space, and we want to know if it exceeds or not that size of the available space, we can find out its size (or the space occupied by… Read More

Transform Windows 7 in Android (Android Themes / Skins Transformation Pack)

Windows 7 is an operating system with a fairly attractive and well-developed graphical interface, but after a while a change of "landscape" may be welcome, especially if we find a theme (Windows 7 Themes) or a graphical interface to satisfy us. For those who are attracted to the system interface… Read More

Fix Menu Bar Hide Error in Windows Explorer (Windows 7 & Vista)

After installing some software, I noticed that some of them modified some of the UI elements of Windows Explorer, including Menu Bar. Specifically, even if the Menu Bar was set not to appear, it was present and could not be disabled / hidden. Normally to make it disappear… Read More

Add Bing Search, Youtube, Yahoo! & Flickr in Windows Explorer. (Windows 7 Search Connector)

"Search Connector" is a lesser known feature of Windows 7, which allows us to search on Youtube, Flickr, DevinatArt, Bing, Yahoo! Search, Amazon and other sites directly from Windows Explorer, without having to open an Internet Browser. Create Search Connector for Windows 7. Everything is in an .osdx file, which can… Read More

Commands Tool for Windows - Commands in Demand

Commands in Demand is one of the most complete software-tools. This utility for  Windows, contains over 60 system applications and commands, in a single interface. Allows quick access to operating system applications Windows, network card settings, device settings installed on the system, plus many other applications and reports Read More