Microsoft will introduce Desktop App Folders pe Windows 11 23H2

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Microsoft is preparing new features for the next major update Windows 11, which is expected to be released in the spring of 2022, in October. Desktop App Folders it seems to be one of the features Windows 11 23H2. Users who have devices with Windows 11 enrolled in Windows Insider Program, they noticed that for some reason… Read More

How to change the color and size of the text cursor in Windows 10

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As soon as it is released updatethe CPC Windows 10 from May 2020, users will have new interesting features. About “Optional Update"I wrote in a previous article. Option by which users can choose to install or not certain updatehardware drivers. Another novelty of the next update, it allows users to change… Read More

Windows Defender Application Guard (Install & How-To)

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Windows Defender Application Guard, is a module functionality Windows 10, available to users via Windows Features. Windows Defender Application Guard (Application Guard), is designed to help prevent malware attacks by accessing web pages with Microosft Edge. In this way the employees of a company will not endanger sensitive information and documents… Read More

Fix Windows Modules Installer Worker (TiWorker.exe) High CPU & Disk Usage

Windows 11

If the fan (fan / cooler) starts making noise due to the high rotation speed it has reached, in an attempt to cool the processor (CPU), it is time to look in the Task Manager and check which process consumes the CPU resources.Windows Modules Installer Worker, also known as the TiWorker.exe executable, is one of the processes… Read More

How can we activate Remote Desktop in Windows

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Remote feature DesktopAlthough very little popular among users of the operating system standard Windows, is one of its essential features, allowing remote access to the systems on which it is activated. Although there are several third-party alternatives for remote access to a running computer Windows (of this most popular at the moment… Read More

How can we reset Windows Firewall settings default

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Although it is part of the security of the operating systems Windows For years, most users have not known what Firewall is or how it works. In short, the Firewall acts as a shield between a computer (or a local network) and the Internet, controlling both the traffic from the computer to the Internet (outgoing traffic) and the traffic from… Read More

How can we force the applications installed in Windows to open only in maximized / minimized windows

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One of the most advanced features in the systems Windows than in other operating systems (Linux or OS X) is adminwindow trimming (windows management), giving users more options than those systems (for example, the Snap feature in Windows has no equivalent in other operating systems). While certain options of adminwindow shutters in Read More

How to create a Restore Point in Windows 8.1

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Probably the most important security feature available in operating systems Windows this System Restore, this giving users the opportunity to restore the system to a previous functional state (without affecting personal files) if they start to encounter problems with it (operating errors, corruption of system files, etc.). Although Windowscreates… Read More

How can we block access to adult content sites in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1

If on your computer with Windows 8.1 have access to children, you will most likely want to restrict their access to sites that have adult content. The easiest way to do this is to activate the included Family Safety feature default in the system. First, you need to create Read More

How can we restartto or close the emergency Windowsul

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It is possible that sometimes we find ourselves in the situation where we have to close or restartI have the system immediately Windows. Also, in other cases the system may not shut down or restarteze properly and you want to avoid this (for example, the Shutting down screen stays locked for a long time). Thus Read More