How can we prevent a user's password from being changed? Windows

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If you are accustomed to letting other people use your user on an operating system Windows, you certainly do not want those people to be able to change the user's access password. Also, if other users share the same user on your computer (different from your user), you will most likely want to prevent Read More

How can we restrict an application (.exe) to run in Windows

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Sometimes, for various reasons, we do not want people who have access to our computer to be able to run certain applications installed on the system. If you are a user Windows, you can restrict access to those applications using a registry hack (be careful, however, this method does not work if you want to block the running of a system service, Read More

Disable the right-click menu on Taskbar in Windows 7 and Windows 8

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In Windowsincluding Taskbarhas a right-click menu (Context Menu) through which certain system functionalities can be accessed or options can be modified. Taskbar. If you do not want other computer users to be able to access either the Task Manager or make changes to the Toolbars you use, Read More