How To Fix Your device is not eligible to join the Windows Insider Program on Windows 11

Windows 11 Insider Preview

This tutorial is for "Windows Insider Program on Windows 11”If you have a PC without TPM 2.0 support. In a previous tutorial we showed how to install Windows 11 on a MacBook Pro, in a rather complicated scenario. Find the tutorial here (click). After what Windows 11 is installed on a PC or Mac which does not Read More

How To Fix Windows Update Failed - Download Error 0x80888002 (2022 Tutorials)

windows 11 receive first update major

Most errors in Windows Update they appear after the update packages are downloaded and the installation process starts. There are also scenarios in which the download of some updates remains blocked or displays the error “Download Error 0x80888002 “. This can also happen on a PC that does not meet the hardware requirements Windows 11, but I managed to enlist him… Read More

How to change the color and size of the text cursor in Windows 10

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As soon as it is released updatethe CPC Windows 10 from May 2020, users will have new interesting features. About “Optional Update"I wrote in a previous article. Option by which users can choose to install or not certain updatehardware drivers. Another novelty of the next update, it allows users to change… Read More

How can we install versions Beta (Preview) ale Windows 10? Windows Insider Program

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Just as in the case Apple, Microsoft provides users with access to versions Beta but by Windows, long before the final version is released to the general public. Enrollment in the program Beta (Windows Insider Program) is relatively simple, but users curious about the news brought by the upcoming final version of Windows 10, must be aware… Read More

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 11

After yesterday capturing an entire world by naming its next operating system Wndows 10, today Microsoft made available to the public the Technical Preview version of it. Interested users to download and test Windows 10 Technical Preview can do this through the program Windows Insider, released by Microsoft a few years ago… Read More