Enable / Disable “Inactive Window Scrolling” in Windows 10 - Scroll to a background window

After the "left-click", the most used mouse button is the scroll wheel, or "mouse weel". It helps us scroll up and down web pages, open windows and documents very quickly. What few users know of Windows 10, is that this scroll can be used in both an active and an inactive window, without Read More

How can we delete all restore points created in Windows without disabling System Restore

If you are running out of space on your computer with Windows, a good idea would be to delete from the restore points created in order to restore the system to a certain previous state of it. Also, if you have installed new applications or made certain system settings that you want to Read More

Quickly access system tools and features in Windows using Ultimate Settings Panel

One of the simplest methods to launch utilities or system settings in Windows is through Run, but even this method can be limited for the vast majority of users, given that there are dozens of such utilities / settings / features in Windows and it is difficult for them to remember all… Read More

How to disable all keyboard shortcuts that include the key Windows

If you are using WindowsSurely you are familiar with the special key Windows (the name comes from the logo Windows printed on it), which can be used for quick access to the Start Menu or Start Screen. Also, used in combination with other keys, it provides access to other features or programs in the system. Through … Read More

How can we prevent the hard drive from entering Sleep mode Windows

In default, when we are away from the computer for longer Windowsul does not record any activity during this period, the hard disk attached to the system enters Sleep mode (stops) to save power (this setting is especially beneficial for laptops, when running on battery). While this is a good thing… Read More

How can we restore fonts default in Windows

Many users are accustomed to customizing their operating systems Windows they also replace fonts default with custom fonts, in an attempt to get the most original look. Unfortunately, the use of custom fonts in a system Windows it can greatly increase the boot time of the system, and also make it difficult to operate. ... Read More

Change what the Power Button does on your computer Windows 7/Windows 8

Even if the default functionality of the computer's Power button is to shut down the computer when pressed, in Windows 7 and Windows 8 users have the option to change this in the system settings. For example, some users would probably prefer that when they press the Power button, the computer enters… Read More

How to add the Internet Search option to Windows NEVER Start Menu

Sometimes, when we have to do a quick search on the internet, if we use several browsers on the same system, we may waste some time first to decide which browser to use, and if we do not have set as the home page a search engine, it takes (even… Read More

Set your Windowsto display the contents of all folders in the same way (thumbnails, tiles, list, etc.)

Surely you also have a favorite way to display the contents of folders. Thumbnails (or newer Extra Large / Large / Medium Icons) are a real help when you need to quickly search through the collection of pictures, Tiles and Icons (Small Icons) offer an "airy" display, Details (and the new Content from Vista and Windows 7) puts you Read More