LinkedIn's Resume Assistant becomes an integrated part of Office 365

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The truth is that for many users, especially for the less technical ones, to make a CV in Word Office, sometimes it was harder than extreme sports. Microsoft lends a helping hand and integrates the Resume Assistant module of LinkedIn in Office 365, With the help this module present in Word Office, users will be able to create themselves… Read More

The font Cambria / Calibri isn't available on OS X. It was replaced with Times New Roman.

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By definition, the font represents the graphic style of digital writing. Letters, numbers, symbols and other characters are all defined by a font. Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, was a fan of calligraphy and managed to bring this passion of his to OS X operating systems. This operating system now has some of the… Read More

How to edit a text in Word (2003 - 2010)

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In this article we try to present the basics to make a text document in Word, a program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite (2003 or 2010) File name and save it in different formats. To create and save a text document in Word 2003, go to File - Save or… Read More

How do we had no words underlined in red in Microsoft Office Word (2003 - 2010)

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In the default configuration (default) of Microsoft Office packages, the language of installation and automatic correction of grammatical errors, is English. Because of this, when we have to edit or copy a text in a language other than English, in the Word Office document most words will be automatically underlined in red. This line does not appear… Read More