Marking, numbering lists and paragraphs in Word 2003 Multinivel

A list is a sequence of indented paragraphs to the left margin of the text in the document and numbered (numbered lists) or marked by a symbol in the indentation area (bulleted lists). These two types of lists are simple lists. An outline numbered list is a list that contains inside… Read More

How to edit a table in Word 2003

Each of us had macthey would once need to make a schedule, draw up a work schedule or line up some words on lines and columns. In the following we present the initial steps needed to build a table in Word. From the Toolbar select the Insert table tab and select with the mouse the number of… Read More

How to edit a document with images and text in Word 2003

Many of us had to develop a presentation paper in which images had to be integrated into the text. In the following we present the steps to follow to create a page with beautifully integrated text and images. To do this, we edit the text of the paper and then select from the Insert - Picture -… tab. Read More