HP Specter x360, 2 in 1: slim tablet and laptop, with operating system Windows 8

Designed to impress HP Spectre x360 is a slim waist laptopOffered in housing made of aluminum and equipped with 1.5 cm Intel Broadwel on 14 nm of the latest generation and a 13-inch display, with 360 ° opening. Although Windows 8 never reached great success hoped company MicrosoftFashion Hybrid laptop provided with touch screen and option for use as tablet is far from being passed. Instead, the new generation handhelds are more delicate and more appealing than ever, and limitations in terms of battery life and processor performance does not give much cause for concern. A good example of this is the new Spectre x360.


With dual availability (variants Full HD screen si QHD) HP Spectre x360 can be used as a traditional laptop features touchpad and physical keyboard, and efficiency tablet mode, taking advantage of double articulated hinge that allows the screen near the back of the case. Dissimilar genuine tablet interface Windows 8.1 is controlled exclusively by touch controls with or without stylus, Physical keyboard is disabled.

Able to cope with the usual applications for Windows, Specter x360 comes equipped with Intel Broadwell i5 -5200U (2.2GHz) supplemented with 8GB RAM DDR3Or SSD 256GB or 512GB. We provide 3 3.0 USB peripherals or outputs HDMI si Minidisplay port to connect a TV or external monitor. According to HP claims representatives, battery back in the new Spectre x360 supple casing offers over 12 hours per charge mobility, result display and processor due to the combination of high efficiency or other enhancements for managing WiFi connection.

Already listed on the website of HP, the new Spectre x360 can be ordered as of mid-March at a price of dollars 899.99 basic version and Full HD screen processor i5Or 1399.99 dollars, if you choose the better team with processor i7, QHD screen and SSD 512GB.

HP Specter x360, 2 in 1: slim tablet and laptop, with operating system Windows 8

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