Send Mail Setup for mod_evasive actions via SSH (Putty)

In the default installation mod_evasive on a webserver, it does not set any e-mail address to receive notoficari for errors and actions mod_evasive (blacklist).

How to set up to receive mail from actions mod_evasive - Apache Web Server

1. We login through SSH (via putty) To the webserver and go to "/ Usr / local / apache / conf. "To order"ls"I'll see files in folder"conf". Depending on the version used can be mod_evasive.conf or mod_evasive20.conf.

2. In the folder "conf" give the following command:

pico mod_evasive20.conf

putty ssh conf pico mod_evasive

3. Edit the email address you want to receive notifications in line:

# DOSEmailNotify [Email protected]

4. Delete the "#" in front of "DOSEmailNotify" then save the file.


5. Save & Restart Apache Web Server.

From now on, the directive DOSEmailNotify the module mod_evasive20.c was activated, and the server will send an email every time you pass a mod_evasive IP blacklist.

Send Mail Setup for mod_evasive actions via SSH (Putty)

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