.htaccess yes Windows Vista

The wonderful and fantastic and illuminated operating system launched by Microsoft with great hope and title Windows Vista, the day-to-day drive that amazes me with stupidity. Apart from the fact that the moka is blocked even though the processor and memory are rich, there is also a surprise error of the ampule. Such as :

htaccess windows vista

“You must be a type file name. " , when I try to create a file .htaccess hard. Good. Ie Windows Vista has not heard of the existence of this file and of others starting with "." Windows Vista does not allow renaming a file to hard disk . Txt (.txt is a termination accepted by Windows.), in a file ... . Whatever , Daaaarrr allows you to save a notepad content of the .htaccess . This is the simplest tutorial to create a .htaccess file on Windows Vista.

Opens one piece notepad.exe , To write text to appear in. Htaccess, Save As ... (Save as type: All Files (*. *) ), Delete the file name extension. Txt and put in front of him, "." (Dot), Save. :)

Great is God ... Microsoft and many tolerate stupidity ...


Explaining the large file. Htaccess is a file ASCII (Easy to edit in notepad) that communicates with the server (Apache). Improper setting of may affect the proper functioning of the system and / or domains and subdomains on a server, if this file is found in the folder root.


Apache .htaccess files

.htaccess yes Windows Vista

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