HTC Home 1.8 (Sense UI) for Windows (Gadget Download)

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This gadget Windows desktop is a faithful copy up to the smallest details of HTC Home with the Sense interface. Animation at changing time / minutes, animation for each weather condition (weather date), Weather Forecast for the next five days. Owners of smartphone-hate HTC cu Sense UI I know pretty well what it looks like HTC Home interface.

A video demo on the HTC Home 1.8 Windows Gadget:

If you watch the video above, a tutorial about how this application would be useless gadget. It is very easy to setup and requires no installation. You can set the program to start automatically at system startup, provided you do not change the folder path (the path) from which you launched the last time the gadget.

Download HTC Home 1.8 (WITHOUT UI) - Windows desktop Gadget

Use HTC Home 1.8:

1. Download (link above) and unzip the file HTC Home in place on the hard disk where you do not delete it or move it.

2. run HTCHome (x64) .exe systems Windows on 64-bit or HTCHome.exe for those 32-bit.

htc home exe

3. Once launched it will gadget automatically detect your location. and will provide data (local time, current weather and forecast for the next 5 days) inside the gadget on your desktop

date weather location

Characteristics HTC Home 1.8:

Weather Provider : AccuWeather or MSN.
- Temperature display in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.
- The format in which to display the time: 25 12 H or H (PM / AM)
- Possibility to you gadgetsCPC opened over other .
- Autostart at startup Windowsacquis.
- Change screen wallpaper depending on the weather. You can set a folder to change wallpapers automatically (this feature not frankly I went to test.)

For more details and updates of these applications, visit the official website of the project: HTC Home for Windows.

UPDATE: HTC Home 2.0

Gadget tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. I also tested SP2, but this gadget is unlikely to run.

HTC Home 1.8 (Sense UI) for Windows (Gadget Download)

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