IE8 - InPrivate Browsing [Internet Explorer - Safety]

With the release IE8Microsoft has introduced some new elements in this Internet browser. The most important include and Private Browsing.
This option enables you to browse the site without browsing traces remain stored in the PC. Cookies, temporary Internet files, history, Form sites filled with your data. contact or with those of credit cards, they will not be saved and thus will be protected from the eyes of those who would have access behind your PC. InPrivate Browsing, it is good to use it when from PCThat browse the sites have access and others.

How to browse web sites in "InPrivate"

There are two or three simple ways to open a Internet Explorer – InPrivate Browsing.

1-2. Go to the menu "Safety"and click on the option InPrivate Browsing. The simplest is to click on Ctrl+Shift+P (After the open IE8)

Safety - InPrivate Browsing

Once activated this option, Addressbar, in front of the URLs will be displayed in the info-button "InPrivate".


3. Users Windows 7 can enable this option since opening IE8 browser.
Right-click on the icon IE8 of Taskbar and select InPrivate.

Windows  7  InPrivate

To log out InPrivate Browsing, it is enough to close the IE and reopen it.

InPrivate Browsing - MS F1

InPrivate Browsing prevents the Internet Explorer from storing data about your browsing session. This helps prevent anyone else who might be using your computer from seeing where you visited and what you looked at on the web. When you start InPrivate Browsing, Internet Explorer opens a new window. The protection that InPrivate Browsing provides is only in effect during the time that you use that window. You can open as many tabs as you want in that window, and they will all be protected by InPrivate Browsing. However, if you open another browser window, that window will not be protected by InPrivate Browsing. To end your InPrivate Browsing session, close the browser window.

IE8 - InPrivate Browsing [Internet Explorer - Safety]

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