Getting married outside the area.

Not! Do not get married! I think are you joking ... and I understand today is Thursday.

YM Status:

After a few hours idle I found…

BUZZ !!!
Bogdan Bocioaca: Who marry mah ??
has signed out. (2 / 1 / 2007 4: 22 PM)

Eugen: Baaa you and you sunny?
Eugen: Stone house maaaaaa :))

YM laura: Stone house .. (pretty quickly)

With who ?!? Indeed began session this week the first two samples were given. Tuesday was first test : Format / system installation / installation drivers yesterday ... the second sample : Kitchen. Put my imagination to work and see what samples follow. These were too trivial. :)

will follow ... "and out of beep"

Getting married outside the area.

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