Close all applications Windows with one click

Those who tend to use very many applications at the same time know for sure how long to close all the applications before a restart or when they are no longer needed. Most often quit to close each application and let OS to do so in their place (Force restart / shutdown), But this may "upset" applications in question and soon they will have reinstalled (This after they have uninstalled and will be clean registry). To avoid this to happen, and to get rid of "ritual" closing the programs running on the system at one time, you need Close All.

Close All is a small application that does not require installationAnd that, with a single click closes all software running at the time.

How to use Close All?

  • download archive using the link below, then extract the file .exe (It is recommended to keep a shortcut its on Desktop, and save the file anywhere else).

right click on the shortcut and select Properties.


the shortcut tab, add = X "explorer.exe " turn from right Target (Otherwise you will close including explorer.exe when you use the application Close All) and click on OK.


If you do not want certain applications to close with others, add them later explorer.exe, separating them with "|". For example -x = "explorer.exe | Winamp.exe | yahoomessenger.exe ".

then "pull" shortcut in Start Menu or Taskbar (If using Windows 7) To ensure that you always handy application.


Download Close

Credit @ NTWind Software,

Note: Using it's like Close All applications should be closed using the X on the top right corner. Close All closes including multiple instances of the same application. We recommend testing the application immediately after the "settings" in order not to end up with "surprises" (if possible inattention).

Close all applications Windows with one click

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