Increase the size of C: \ in XP using space from other partitions

When you create partitions on a Hard DriveIt is recommended that primary partition (The one that will be installed WinXP) To be assigned space-bar more than other partitions (logical). This is because most programs Window's will occupy space in C:And when it will not have storage space PCYour worm will turn :) (applications and documents will open very hardAnd web pages will load "in revival"). If you got into this situation, you will be notified automatically by a pop-up will flourish in the upper right corner of the monitor as long as the partition C: will not delete or move files to make room for Windows to breathe.

 low disk space

But if You can not give up any files stored on C:, then we suggest the following way to increase space on that partition.

Create a empty folder on one side partitions (D:, E:) That has more space. Then go to Start and select Run menu and type diskmgmt.msc.


Give right click on partition C: and select Change Drive Letter and Paths then add.

disk add

In window appears, select Mount in the Following empty NTFS folder, And hit browse by folder empty partitions created on one side.


After you give OK you will notice that the empty folder will appear as a secondary partition exact copy of drive C:and space on this increases miraculously. : P

Increase the size of C: \ in XP using space from other partitions

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