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Systemonline advertisingof some sites, with a service free blogging . Post subject nene it is a "blogger" who took inspiration (stupid) to create several subdomains on blogspot in order to advertise / sell some products Herbalife for weight loss.

This recipe chosen species of man ("Expert in online marketing and promotion") is Sipla and cheap.

1. It is one piece account de blogger pe

2. Creates N-shpesubdomains cu name si relevant content Search Engine (SEO - Search Engine Optimization )

(Open parenthesis swear my internet provider.'s Third time 10 minutes when spades. Shit *! @ ISP him!)

3. Each blog created subdomain of no more than two positions. The content of posts there are links to websites "online sales " Herbalife products.

Not escape anything that can be searched on the Internet. During the holidays it is understood in great demand Santa Claus si Year 2007. A ready as early as October 2006 new "advertising space". Enough time to celebrate the site be listed in search engines. Irrelevant as networks and the Herbalife weight loss diets have no connection with the winter holidays. Irrelevant target. He created subdomain :


In the case of Santa Claus He forgot that there is also need for relevant content SEO . Has PR 0but good as made a page now.   . Halal target! :))

Day, search the internet boom was the death of actor Adrian Pintea. (God odihnearca him alone!). Do not miss this issue. Copy / paste from your is embarrassing. He accidentally advertising source code of the website from which you copied the article. :))


Profile Blogger :

Gender: bad

Industry: Marketing

Occupation: Nutrition Consultant

Rental: Bucharest: Romania

E-marketing, e-moron, e-advertising, e-stupid.

Full List of subdomains: Weight Loss

Wonderful sites online promotion and sale of products for weight loss "Herbalife"

Costine That category includes what? He passed . :-))

Degree Qualification level: en wholesaler


Industry: Marketing

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