Register a domain (TLD). TEL ...

... Or not.

I have a hunch that areas. TEL freely available on the registration for everyonetel-domain-demo's wishes, will have a miserable fate than areas . Mobi (At least among individuals).
Before you get stuck in a domain .TEL you need to know that a .tel domain does not have the same status as a .ORG, .NET, .COM, or .RO domain. The .TEL domain is addressed individuals si Legal who want to keep online contact details, links blogs, favorite sites and social networks. This field can not be hosted than TelnaAnd on it nu will have access FTPEtc. cPanel so you can keep a website or blog.
Probably the future .TEL domains will automatically enter a generic catalog Yellow Pages in this case might be tempting for companies.
Those who want to see a field. TEL at work can access justin.telAnd if you decided to register a domain. TEL, a good offer is ($8.95).

Register a domain (TLD). TEL ...

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