Artificial Intelligence in recognizing human feelings and emotions

Article summary - Artificial Intelligence in recognizing human feelings and emotions in real time. More precisely, a fully automatic system, which is able to detect a person's emotional reactions, based both on body language, tone of voice, facial expression, and GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformer).

It is obvious that the rapid development of GPT managed to scare a lot of people, and created fears in many fields of activity. The main problem for many is that one day, their job could be done by some robots equipped with artificial intelligence. A fear with a very real basis, if we look at how quickly it implements Microsoft GPT-4 in Bing, in applications Office Microsoft 365, AI Builder and in other applications where creativity and human execution were needed.

The safe haven of many is in the idea that artificial intelligence will never be able to replace man. Even if ChatGPT it is able to provide answers to almost anything, it has a big minus, which distinguishes this technology from the human being. Artificial intelligence (AI) he has no feelings and cannot understand the feelings of a man. Feelings and emotional reactions are characteristic of life. Humans and animals have these capacities.

Artificial Intelligence in recognizing human feelings and emotions in real time

Although psychologists can rest easy, because AI will not be able to take their place (yet), current technology has allowed the development of algorithms and artificial intelligence systems that can detect and interpret human emotions and feelings, to some extent.

To detect and interpret human emotions, artificial intelligence systems often use techniques of natural language recognition, Such as voice tone analysis and facial expression. These techniques involve the analysis of non-verbal signals, such as intonation, rhythm and inflection of the voice, as well as facial expressions, such as frown lines, smiling or looking.

Although artificial intelligence systems are able to detect human emotions and feelings, they are not always 100% accurate, because there are many individual variations in terms of expressing and interpreting emotions. Also, interpreting the context is an important part of understanding human emotions, and this can be difficult for systems to achieve. artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence in recognizing human feelings and emotions
Artificial Intelligence in recognizing human feelings and emotions

Fields in which the technology is applied AI for detecting emotions and feelings

The technology for detecting human emotions and feelings can be used in different fields, such as market research, psychology, marketing and the development of smarter and more adaptable human-machine interfaces.

Applications such as MotphCast, has been developing solutions based on Emotion AI (Affective Computing) and Facial Emotion Recognition (FER). These solutions are based on Emotional Artificial Intelligence, very useful in fields such as: marketing, education or medicine.

MorphCast can be used in marketing to evaluate user reactions in real time, so that companies can adjust their marketing campaigns based on immediate customer feedback. The application can be used to evaluate the level of interest and commitment of the students during online courses. This assessment can help improve the way courses are delivered and increase the efficiency of the learning process.

MorphCast can also be used to monitor the condition of patients and assess the level of pain or discomfort during medical treatments.

Solutions that use Artificial intelligence in the recognition of feelings, they have been developed for many years, by several companies from all over the world, but they have not succeeded and will not soon succeed in replacing psychologists or neuroscience researchers.

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