Internet Explorer 8 can be uninstalled in Windows 7 RC

If you ever counted among IE fansBut must bear in PC because WindowsDoes not gave you another option, well, it's time to not only ignore, but to send him to walk better. You mean it uninstall.

I do not know if this is a consequence of the fact that Opera cried on the right corner of including their browser (IE) in OS WindowsIf it is a long deliberate decision (or not) or if it is just an escape. But Windows 7 RC (buit 7048) Comes with the option of uninstall the Internet Explorer 8 from Windows Features.

win7_features 1. Log in ControlPanel-> Programs-> Programs and Features.
2. In the left menu select Turn Windows features on or off and wait until the list will load.
3. Search Internet Explorer 8 That list, uncheck it and click OK, The system will ask for restart.
4. After restart some settings are configured, then after another restart and ready. Bye-bye IE8.

So if other browsers (eg FirefoxThat gaining more and more ground) you enough, and you do not want to impede the IE when crawls through the system, you have to wait a little until (Version already "move" freely on torrents).

Internet Explorer 8 can be uninstalled in Windows 7 RC

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