Introducing LimeWire - User Guide

If certain requirements that clients sharing such as DC ++, StrongDC or ODC are not your thing, then probably what you want is a P2P Program that does not make very many ConditionsWho have good speed download and that is good "supplied".

Well, meet LimeWire 5.


This client is sharing Java si Flash based, and works perfectly without asking share a certain number of GB and without the need of a prior hunting hubs "Equipped". Simply give search and choose the option that suits you best.

Installation is fast and is accessible to any user with internet connection.

lime_language lime_welcome
lime_setup lime_install

After installation you are given a no. clicks to bypass several warningSites in the correct use P2P programs,

lime_policy setup_1 setup_2

then you can start download files you want (Music, documents, movie). All of this comes bundled with a chat client integrated (multi-protocol: gmail, jabber si WLM) So that you can download and chat with friends at the same time using the same application.

lime_download & chat

You can Download LimeWire Basic (free) On the official site and if Basic is not enough, you can get version Per for $ 21,95. Download fun! ;)

Introducing LimeWire - User Guide

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