8.3 iOS will allow free downloading the content without authentication, the App Store and iTunes

Apple tried to eliminate multiple authentications required to download content from App Store si iTunes pe phones si iOS tablets, Although sometimes she was forced to do the opposite to remove unwanted abuses of the system In-App Purchase. Future iOS 8.3 further simplify this way because users will be able to choose free downloading content without any authentication.


Currently authentication system that protects digital stores Apple allows users to choose between a restrictive policy that requires a password for each download, and a lighter, which play a grace period of fifteen minutes, during which there is no need re-authenticating. With the launch iOS 8.3, Apple will allow and downloading free but without requiring authentication, the user is forced to pay only validate content and applications, books, music and shopping In-App. This behavior has been used at the time iOS 6but Apple subsequently gave him for unclear reasons.

Fortunately, this system can be disabled, an important thing, if we consider that phone or a tablet Apple could fall victim children or adults put on jokes that can fill all internal memory with unwanted software. How iOS still do not offer multiple user accounts, those who think they might have these problems will probably choose the traditional way of working. As far, these settings will be valid only when TouchID is disabled.

iOS 8.3 is the first version that can be tried by ordinary users its testing period Beta without the need for registration as a software developer, but access is restricted to a limited number of unknown users.

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