iPhone's new feature from Google: Search by voice

right New York Times, iPhone enriched with another "flower" via Google: search by voiceTechnology that allows users to use the search engine in a very simple way, speaking into the microphone. Introducing the system voice-enabled Mobile search, Goole has made its way into the category of those who have already developed these features for mobile, Microsoft and Yahoo!. Were even rumors that Google technology speech recognition would be more efficient than the services provided by veterans in the field, because not very exact results they provide (the tray).


Search results that can be displayed in a few seconds with a wirelles networks healthy and can provide local information due to feature iPhone user can determine location. So you can get answers for questions like "where is the nearest mall?" Or get information about local restaurants, including their menus (;)) welcome relief if you do not know your area.

The application is freeAnd Google have announced plans to develop and for other phonesNot only for iPhone.

iPhone's new feature from Google: Search by voice

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