Jusched.exe (Java Update Scheduler)

If you have accidentally hit process jusched.exe running freely in your system and you've wondered where this came from and what role is, you have nothing to worry (too much) trouble. jusched.exe It is known as a Trial of Sun Microsystems dealing with verification UpdateSites once a month to Java or as a way of browsers used for different types of applications that require Java.

Since the jusched.exe process only check once a month if there are updates for Java (which anyway can be verified by each without using it), and so it's obviously not used to updates urgent / importantWe recommend uninstall / disable that process to save memory (even if little) used it for nothing.

If you wish to disable jusched.exe you to follow a few simple steps (if not: P):

  • open control Panel and click on the icon Java (In Vista you can find in Additional Options and in Windows 7 in Programs)
  • in Java Control Panel click on the tab Update and uncheck Check for Updates Automatically
  • click on the button Never Check in the warning dialog that appears after you have cleared check Monthly.

And that's all. Jusched.exe will not joyous romp through Task ManagerSoftware (system default) you ;)

Careful! It is well known habit (bad) of Malware (viruses, trojans, spyware, adware etc) to "borrow" names of processes (system or some application), so is recommended to perform a thorough scan of the system every time I find running a process which does not have (enough) information.

Jusched.exe (Java Update Scheduler)

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