Kaspersky AntiVirus for Games (Gaming Profile)

We are convinced that not all users who installed a antivirus or firewall are not interested advanced settings of these softwareCEs of security. Most are limited to default settingsBut these settings are not optimal for all situations. For example, a user who visits sites torrents, file hostinguses DC ++, ODC or Internet SharingCPC will need to set a level of protection may exacting. A user who does not have any application to open an Internet connection or to an external hard drive / memory stick, but it has opened programs or games that require a lot of resources, it antivirus can stop for a time. Would give an oxygen bubble memory and processor.
Kaspersky Antivirus It is one of the best antivirusesBut we must recognize that demands and system resources. Especially when it set a high level of protection. Scan installation packages, scan archives, scan files on access, Special ports and SSL scanning, which require memory settings etc. RAM and the processor (CPU).

Users running Kaspersky Anti-Virus ( have the possibility to set softwareCPC antivirus mode "Gaming". In this way, the antivirus will not bother users with UpdateATVs and will never Potni scanning process. If it was scheduled to scan while this mode is activated, it will be deferred until it exits Gaming mode. In addition all virus detection actions will pass automatically. Kaspersky AV will not ask the user about the detection action. We delete or will in quarantine automatic suspicious files.

Activate Gaming Profile in Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

1. Double-click the icon in the bottom right corner Kaspersky. In the interface that opens, go to the top right corner and we click on Settings.

Kaspersky Settings

2. In the menu on the left (below) click on Gaming Profile and tick the box next Enable Gaming Profile.

Gaming Profile - Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Apply & OK.

This is a method ... "DND" for Anti-Virus while you play. For good "optimization"System, the best way is to disable antivirus while total mess. Unless you play online and transfer files that can not get viruses on your computer

Kaspersky AntiVirus for Games (Gaming Profile)

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