Kaspersky Internet Security - Optimization

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS, Used for several months and I flirted with no virus before . Many complain of anti-virus that eating more resources Especially services Anti-Hacker si Mail Anti-Virus sale KIS. Normal. If man is obsessed with security and keeps them fully activate all functions defense Even if he needs protection or not, this will cost him something CPU si RAM more (talking to babies who are under 1GB RAM and - 2.60 GHz CPU ;)).
KIS 6.0 Is not only anti-virus. It is a complex that protects computers against hacker-S,-type attacks Phishing, spyware si spamacquis.
Protection solutions offered by KIS 6.0 are:

1. File Anti-Virus - When activated, automatically scans files on hard drive, CD and other external memory (Usb flash, sd card, etc) when they are accessed or run an application in the system. It also automatically scans active processes. (Occurring in Task Manager and using stealth activity).

2. Mail Anti-Virus - A service that automatically scans all emailSites that come through Microsoft Office Outlook . Specifically, scans all traffic POP3, SMTP, IMAP, NNTP and other specific ports of e-mail. Good against Trojans and keylogger-S sent by e-mail.

3. Web Anti-Virus - That I think is the most important option that should be kept permanently turn on a computer. Scans HTTP traffic. More precisely, automatically scans all sources websites (Sites) that are accessed by Internet Explorer.

4. Proactive Defense - Scan anything that moves. Protects from viruses executable files of, registry and file type Microsoft Office. Analyze si scans , File integrity de system executables active and MS Office. Most alerts of "corrupted files"Come to it. Proactive Defense: Application Integrity Analyzer, Application Integrity Control, Registry Guard & Office Guard.

5. Anti-Spy - It is unclear what use this service, right? Anti-Phishing : Protects the user against sites phishing. I mean sites that claim to sell things / services online and urges the user to use credit card online. A hole in your bank account, I think that would be welcome for anyone.
Other Anti-Spy components: Anti-Popup , Anti-Banner (Blocks all banners that are displayed by java script. Including Google Adsense and monitor trafic.ro) and Anti-Dialer (For those who still uses dial-up telephone lines.

6. Anti-Hacker - ... Or firewall . Filters and monitors data packets incoming / outgoing the directions LAN si Internet. Prevents hacker attacks LAN and unauthorized actions, remote control remote. If your computer is installed and enabled another client firewall (or Windows firewall enabled for Windows XP SP2), Anti-Hacker is preferred to be disabled.

7. Anti-Spam - Most of the scans and monitors the same processes as Mail Anti-Virus, only AV spam allows adding new anti-spam filtering rules to incoming email. Microsoft Office Outlook and scans the e-mail client plugins.

So ... are 7 services de security on KIS, which I Use only 4 (Four) and those not fully armed. From home for who uses a firewall (I use Sygate Personal Firewall Pro) Anti-Hacker no longer serves any purpose. Do not use any Outlook email client, so get rid of two services. Mail Anti-Virus si Anti-Spam no longer have the sense to stay active. Proactive Defense , Sits on only the level of Application Integrity Analyzer. That's enough, because the rest is scanned by File Anti-Virus. Anti-Spy, keep activated only at the level Anti-Phishing. I believe that activation cording less protection services, is an air bubble in addition to memory and processor. ;)

You choose what you want to keep active and what not. I told you how I keep anti-virus Kaspersky configured to use me as less resources and be safe ;)

Kaspersky Internet Security - Optimization

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