Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7 & New Features

Operating System Windows 7 has many new features compared to the systems previously launched by Microsoft (Windows XP & Windows View). Differences in graphical interface, functionality, process management, etc. Even shortcutSites on Key the differences are considerable. In the Windows 7, Microsoft has decided to make full use of key combinations and put CtrlThe, ShiftCPC and OTHERThe job site.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts available Windows In 7:

Win + Up Arrow | Maximize the current window
Win + Down Arrow | If the current window is maximized, restore it, if the current window is restored, minimize it
Win + Up | Maximize Window
Win + Down | Minimize Window
Win + Left | Snap Window to left
Win + Right | Snap Window to right
Win +Shift+ Left | Jump to left monitor
Win +Shift+ Right | Jump to right monitor
Win + Home | Minimize / Restore all other windows
Win + T | Focus the first taskbar entry, similar to ALT + TAB
Win +Shift+T | Same as above in reverse order
Win + Space | Peek at the desktop
Win + G | Bring Gadgets to the top
Win + [Num] | Launches the numbered app running in the Super bar
Win + P | Connecting displays to computers and switching from single monitor to dual | display
Win + X | Mobility Center
Win + + | Zoom in and out of Windows
Win + | Zoom in and out of Windows
Alt + P | Show / hide Preview Pane in Explorer
Win + Tab | Windows Aero Task Switcher
Shift + Click on icon (Taskbar) | Open a new instance
Middle click on icon (Taskbar) | Open a new instance
Ctrl + Shift + Click on icon (Taskbar) | Open a new instance with Admin privileges
Shift + Right | click on icon (Taskbar) | Show window menu (Restore / Minimize / Move / etc)
Shift + Right | click on grouped icon (Taskbar) | Menu with Restore All / Minimize All / Close All, etc..
Ctrl + Click on grouped icon | Cycle between the windows (or tabs) in the group

We show how early in Windows Vista. Is the option that allows you to copy / send a file or folder from one location to another, through a simple right click.

Screenshot “Send To” in Windows View:

Send To - Windows Vista

As you can see in the image above, the destinations offered in Windows XP and in Windows Vista are not very many. Neither Windows 7 would not be more ...


.. But if hold down Shift while give right click the file / folder you will notice that the number of destinations to which the file or folder you selected is much higher ...


I don't really know how I could send the "SMART" folder (taken as guinea pigs for this example) by fax or putty.exe, but we have to understand that Windows 7 is currently in a Beta development stage. :)

Oh .. and the picture above you can also see two new options to me occurred when I used the combination Shift + right-click.

Copy as Path - Copy location (Path) File or folder HDD. In the example above, the SMART folder is on Desktop. After I gave "Copy as Path", "W: UsersStealth" was saved to the clipboard SettingsDesktopSMART "

Open in New Process - Open the contents of the folder in a new process. (Ex. explorer.exe). This novelty is very important in resource management system.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 7 & New Features

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