Laptaria lu 'Enache

Wilco - Laptaria lu 'Enache

[audio: 11 - Humming Bird - His Laptaria Enache.mp3]


Remember, insert,
Starz walk on crooked,
I went natural after all
At Laptaria of outcomes.

Honey, come through the gate the night,
Let's go and give me a right
Let sit at least an hour or two,
At Laptaria of outcomes.

I do not know, have no idea,
As time passes, it is likely,
To stay up to date,
So again we put the facts.

I say occasionally,
Co. I lose you, in the night,
But still we stop to drink a beer
At Laptaria of outcomes.

Were slightly creepy,
It's true, had gone next year,
O Lord, how much you wanted
Playing Johnny Raducanu.


To shade your eyes large
Sit there listening to a feast,
We did it have a place
And this is a surprise.

And because you want too much
And my house is not too far,
You take my hand and lead you
From his Laptaria outcomes.

Laptaria lu 'Enache

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