? Ok ... you to be ! : D

1. These preferred: good / "good morning" (14 at: 30 - 15: 00)

2. These "dispreffered" "Mane hear ...?"

3. Favorite drug: 3 in 1 (night, cigarette and coffee)

4. Noise, favorite sound: rustle of leaves / Celtic ( )

5. Obnoxious noise: train brakes / fork knife

6. What I like to say the nerves: ahhh ... I rub! / Put your feet ...

7. Who to put on the bill: the body. (Kidney, lung, liver, etc.).

8. Job that I would do it: excluded any dusty environment.

9. After her death back in: your bed. , ;) (Ghost, ghost, ghost, etc.. How romantic!)

10. God if I get there I would probably say: Bad luck! Neither here did not find giraffes. Keep trying ....

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Uff ... that tag. Amen!


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