Very cheap Windows 10 Professional licenses (Prices below 5 Eur)

I said in a recent article, that there are very high chances that in the coming years, Microsoft will prefer monthly or annual subscriptions for Windows operating system licenses. The operating system can be purchased on the model subscription from Office 365.

I do not know how and why, but it is certain that some retailers today Windows license, Au low prices very much. The licenses are almost free. A electronic license de Microsoft Windows 10 PRO, Retail, 32 / 64 bit, All Languages, get there £ 22,61. This means less than 5 Euro for a Windows 10 Pro electronic license.

I was a little skeptical, but I said that at this low price, it is worth doing an experiment and to buy a Windows 10 Pro license. Everything works normally, the serial license code is sent to the e-mail address in a few minutes or hours, accompanied by the tax invoice. In the same message you will also receive tutorials download Windows 10 Pro si license activation instructions. It is recommended that the activation be done on a "clean" copy of Windows 10 Pro.

At the same time, in the official Microsoft store, the license for Windows 10 Pro is 1.199 lei.

It is worth mentioning that the low prices are only for the Pro version of Windows 10. A version that is normally more expensive than Windows 10 Home. The Windows 10 Pro package contains, besides all the features of Windows 10 Home, data encryption solutions, remote connectivity and other business features. In addition, retail license is the most permissive. Basically a retail license is a complete license that does not impose any restrictions, being most often at double the price compared to the OEM license.

So, if you need a full Windows 10 license, you can now find in the category "Operating Systems".

Very cheap Windows 10 Professional licenses (Prices below 5 Eur)

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