Lsm.exe - Local Session Manager Service [Windows BONE]

The process lsm.exe is a legitimate component of the latest operating systems Windows (starting with Windows Vista). Specifically, lsm.exe means Local Session Manager ServiceIts role is to manage the connections between the system and terminal Server (in Vista, the Terminal Server interface is not only used for remote connections by remote users. Local Sessions are also considered Terminal Server connections - even if the PC is logged on the PC in question).

Lsm.exe is released by the during operating system boot and interact with the in order to overall management sessions Terminal Server. Given that in Windows Sight yes Windows 7 all login sessions, Whether local or remote, are virtualized as Terminal Server sessions, lsm.exe is considered vital process for system (core Windows process) And does not recommend removing or disabling it (which would lead to a OS nebootabil and consequently to reinstall it).

Careful! Although there was no conclusive reports to prove the existence of Virus (Or other malware) With this name, we recommend users to keep in mind that they tend to borrow the name of system processes to mislead neavizatii. Therefore, the smallest suspicion of lsm.exe such as the discovery of several process instances running simultaneously, a high consumption of resources or a different location of the self (folder C:WindowsSystem32), is mandatory to perform a thorough scan of the system.

Lsm.exe - Local Session Manager Service [Windows BONE]

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