macOS High Sierra - “Significant Locations” or tracking the locations you have been to Mac / MacBook

Few users know that with the launch macOS High Sierra, Apple has also introduced a location service for devices MacBook, MacBook Pro, Air

This service, called "Significant Locations”Requests information about location where you are at some point with Macand stores them in a local database. They are kept encrypted and are not sent to Apple. In their words, this option helps to give you Suggestions relevant to your location. It is mainly used by applications Calendar, Photos, Mail and by Crab.

If you are curious to see what location data was stored by Macyour, you have to follow some very simple steps.

First of all, we open "System Preferences"And we go to"Security & Privacy".

In "Security & Privacy"Let's go to the tab"Privacy", Then select"Rentals”From the menu on the left. We press the lock in the bottom left corner si we enter the system password to unlock options.
In the list of "Enable Location Services"We go all the way to the bottom at"System Services”And click on“ Details… ”.

The "System Services”Lists the services that use your location.

- Location-Based Suggestions - suggestions depending on where you are at the moment,
- Settings time Zone - if you travel to another country on a different time zone, the time will change automatically Macacquis,
- Significat Locations - occasions in which you spent more time or in which you walked repeatedly
- Find My Mac - application and function that allows you to locate a Mac stolen / lost.
- Wi-Fi Networking - automatic search and connection to recognized Wi-Fi locations.

If you want, see what locations you've been to Macclick on “Details…” next to “Significat Locations".

From here you can watch and delete the locations.

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This option is not new for Apple. The devices iPhone and iPad also have this option and given the greater mobility, there you will find stored a much larger number of locations.

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