MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 - News and Installation

Apple released the Beta version these days MacOS Sierra 7 10.12.4 future. It seems to be working quite intensively on the new system, considering that just passed one month after the official release of MacOS Sierra 10.12.3.
Compared to previous versions, MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 bring some news.

Night ShiftPresent since version iOS 9.3 all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, will be introduced now and MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air si iMacWith the release of MacOS Sierra 10.12.4.
This function is recommended to be used on at night. Night Shift is designed to change the tone of blue light (cold light) inred light (warm light). It is said that blue light emitted the displays of mobile phones and laptops affect Cardian pace by interrupting normal sleep cycles. Specifically, when you sit at night on a phone or laptop, blue light emitted by the screen make it go away feeling their sleep. By changing the tone light, cold light in the warm light of this problem goes away to most users.

Night Shift on MacOS Sierra 10.12.4

The option will be available the new version of MacOS Sierra, from "System Preferences">"display">"Night Shift

As you can see from the picture above, Night Shift can be set to work / disable automatic after a time interval set by the user or automatically from sunset at sunrise. Like the iPhone there is the option of deactivation and activation of Night Shift manual.
Another important configuration is the color temperature.

It is not just advisable to set maximum intensity for "warm". Personally, red light tolerate it better than the blue one (even in daylight) is restful to the eye, but the value set on both the iPhone and iPad is somewhere near half between "Less Warm"And"More Warm"

ExpectsMacOS Sierra 10.12.4be available to the public in about two weeks. Until then, you can install only if you have enrolled in MacApple Software Beta Program.
You can do this by accessing the link: https: //
After enrollment in the Beta program for developers, downloadCPC and installing will be made through the App Store> Updates.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 - News and Installation

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