MacOS does not save SSH Keys in Sierra Keychain / PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes?

Server administrators / developers owners iMac or MacBookThey had a little surprise after the launch of the new MacOS Sierra.
DSS SSH The keys used to authenticate without password on servers or other privatekeys / publickeys systems are no longer retained in MacOS SierraThat comes with OpenSSH 7. Even if your key has been added after system restart, when trying to log in Terminal, we will be greeted by the message:

Permission denied (publicKey, GSSAPI-keyex, GSSAPI-with-mic).

By default, adding a key in Keychain is done in both OS X and MacOS, through the command line: "ssh-add -K <key>"Executed in Port. Until the Sierra macOS launch, SSH keys were retained in the keychain, requiring only the SSH / SFTP authentication command on the servers whose keys were saved. Unfortunately, this command stops working, and "ssh-add -K" has no value on Sierra macOS. This command will need to be executed in Port after each restart or log out of the operating system because the ssh key is no longer saves MacOS Keychain.

However, there are solutions. Adding a mini script .plist in ~ / Library / LaunchAgents /That execute command line ssh-add in stratupAt startup.
Details and discussion on this topic can be found at this.
Saving SSH keys in Sierra MacOS Keychain.

MacOS does not save SSH Keys in Sierra Keychain / PubkeyAcceptedKeyTypes?

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