May be ..

I gave ... Cosmina (Merci!) "wake-up" to 03: 30 with a poem by Lucian Avramescu. Super cool ... like all posted a few days "outside of getting married.".

Prayer neînsurare

Give me baby, just a moment
chance to sleep in armpit
I do not tether rings wing
I want to fly one night with cranes

I stiffen my god skirt
French fries were not my heavenly food
of my madness ore
I do not want in stove to melt

Give me riding barrels
Candice sublime basement
do the colt, goat do, sheep
wine flower beat me in nostrils

you'll make many children accordingly
I sit quietly in your chain pre ascurtu
If you delay the moment of repentance
home teeth or when I enter - crunch

PS. Get married! ...

May be ..

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