Makeover Your Friends Now! YM Avatars

How to lead life while retired (smf!) have enough time to play the computer and test everything that I can think of. A reinstall of Windows, soon appears to be imminent. Anyway ... I read the other day on the blog appeared about the new plugin ( Yahoo! Avatars Makeover ), With which you can create avatars for friends list Y! M.
I played few minutes, and on the basis of evidence and created a portrait of a friend of my list of IDs Y! M. Here's what came out:


Beautiful, is not it? : D Want to try it?

Download & install . Plugin installed, appears in Y! Messenger ids in the list. Click on "Makeover Your Friends Now!" and select from your friends list to open the id for which you want to create your avatar.

The new , Chased by paparazzi (the background): D

In two days, I promise to exhaust the list of friends (especially those who have pictures of me) :))

Makeover Your Friends Now! YM Avatars

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