Increase speed Internet browsing with Google Public DNS

Almost every time I open a Internet browser dreaming of the "Internet speed of light" that is promised us in commercials. Or at least faster than we had happy ISP. If the first option remains currently only dream stage, the two became feasible with Public DNS by Google.

Google Public DNS (Domain Name System) is a free beat made Google Inc. that any user with an Internet connection can use it to surf the web faster than if they remain true to set the default DNS ISP.

If you wish to use public DNS from Google to you high speed Internet browsing must follow the steps below ::

1. enter network in The search box from Start Menu and select Network and Sharing CenterThen, in the open window, click on Change adapter settings (On the right).

network_center adapter_settings

2. Right-click Local Area Connection and select Properties


3. in Local Area Connection Properties select (and check, if it is not already) 4 Internet Protocol Version (TCP / IPv4) then click on the Properties


4. in the bottom of the open window you have the option to manually set the DNS that you want to use. Select Use the DNS server addresses GMT and type the following for DNS primary and secondary (addresses can change each other, but not both use the same DNS address):

  • Preferred DNS Server:
  • Alternate DNS Server:


5. click OKThen restart the system. After restart, you will notice the difference ;)

Enjoy browsing the Internet!

    Increase speed Internet browsing with Google Public DNS

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