Increases PC running speed by adjusting visual effects from Windows Vista

Surely It is the operating system that made many to make upgrades RAM to the systems desktop/ Laptop. It is a system with Advanced much compared with previous operating systems, but this has a price. The consumption of system resources, especially RAM is very high. Most processes that require more memory are responsible for visual effects, particularly when running Windows AERO Style.

Here's the difference RAM consumption: Aero round. Basic

vs Aero Basic

The difference is ~ 400MB. Decisive for a system that has 1GB RAM or even for a system RAM 2GB that we want to run the large applications (like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw).

Good. How can we adjust the graphics settings of Windows Vista to enlarge system performance.

1. open control Panel (Start -> Control Panel) -> System and Maintenance -> System

2. In the left column, click on "Advanced System Settings".

advanced system settings

3. In the box that opens "System Properties"- Click on Butina"Settings" from under "Performance"(Visual effects, processor scheduling, memory usage and virtual memory).

visual Effects

4. tab, Visual Effects You can choose which graphics you want to run on your system right Clearing houses a graphic character enhances system performance. Of course, you can let the operating system choose for you by checking the "Adjust for best performance".

Some visual effects that you can give up without much changing the graphic style of the system Windows View:

-> Animate controls and elements inside windows
-> Animate windows when maximizing and minimizing
-> Enable desktop composing
-> Enable transparent glass
-> Fade or Slide menus in view
-> Fade or Slide Tool
-> Fade out menu items after clicking
-> Show preview and filters in folder
-> Show shadows under menus
-> Show shadows under mouse pointer
-> Show thumbnails instead of icons
-> Show translucent selection rectangle
-> Show window contents while dragging
-> Slide open combo boxes
-> Slide taskbar buttons
-> Smooth edges of screen fonts
-> Smooth-scroll list boxes
-> Use a background image for each folder type
-> Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop
-> Use visual styles on windows and buttons

Increases PC running speed by adjusting visual effects from Windows Vista

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