Increase the speed of S (erial) ATA HDDs in Windows Vista

Daca hard drive is your SATA and run an operating system Then it is a must to know how large reaction speed si computer performance Your making a small change in Device Manager. In fact, you need to know is that Vista comes with one piece (or more: P) Support for SATA HDDsBut not activated Advanced writing caches on them.

To enable this option, the default will increase PC Performance you, enter Device Manager (right-click on Computer->Manage->Device Manager or talking device in Searchacquis in Start Menu or talking devmgmt.msc in Run) And select Disk drives.

devmgmtmanage_computer search_device

Right-click on hdd and select Properties.


In tab Policies, Just select Enable advanced performance.


And that's all. Your HDD should wander happily after this little adjustment. :)

Increase the speed of S (erial) ATA HDDs in Windows Vista

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