Maximize PC performance - Defrag your XP System Files

It is recommended that 6 at least once every month, To defragment hard-diskul/-urile or even partitions that look about it (although must be tormented with so much talent for such performance):


But Windows XP not allow all file system usually be defragmented, but it takes some softwareSites that do this for files such as Registry or pagefiles. Sysinternals (Microsoft) Created an application called PageDefrag, Running after the boot sequence by defragmenting system files before they are locked (ie before being used by the operating system).

How does PageDefrag:

- After opening the app, you'll see a list of file system in which the right is displayed the number of fragments making up each (No larger than one already is a problem 1). Select option Defragment at next boot (or Defragment every bootAlthough these file system defragmentation is recommended occasionally).


- After restart, PageDefrag give you the option to cancel defragmentation (hit any key Within few seconds). If you choose to continue, will look approximately like this:


(Well, not necessarily the same, considering that "screenshot" was made with your lack of knowledge in any ways to make screenshot chkdsk (Check Disk). If you know of such a method, apart from that experienced by us, please leave a comment.)

If you chose to defragment the system files at each boot a Windowsand if you want to cancel this option, open the application and select Do not defragment (uninstall).

Download PageDefrag.

Note that this file system defragmentation not replace regular defragmentation of your hard disk, Which recommend the beginning of this post.

Maximize PC performance - Defrag your XP System Files

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