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Today I had a very troubled but exciting offers, who ten most brilliant even cute. Offers mail… Like today, I did not receive all year. See …

Program received Unsolicited e-mails (spam), Began in the morning with Radio 3Net “Florian Pittis” . They have made known with respect, their program transmissions.

Program video and audio transmissions alternative
20.00 - House of Culture "Priestess" AG Weinberger
20.00 - Prometheus Club - Evening theater
21.00 - the - Claudiu Bleont - MODELrator Radio 3Net - Victor 5 line with Raluk

The boys were ok. They didn't bother me with their email, did they? You can see, I did a little publicity for them. (give me the money on the links!: P)

Another email comes shortly after that of I made a few are wet proposals by "dripping", hoping that in the end we will combine.
- drip irrigation
- telescopic sprinklers Rotating large spaces...
- sprinklers with impact and water cannons ...

… It is already left with wet T-shirts. About INTTECH INDUSTRY SRL I do not know where suspected that I would like a plant watered, on the eve of winter.

We mention that our company offers Free design of the irrigation, And can also provide consulting, execution or your staff need training.

To stay… target …: - ?? Finally, we go on to the aunts That my health and want you to take my mountain vacation. Oh, no! He arranged program Christmas si New Year. Hotel / restaurant Kalinder from logs, Get rid of all cheap. Price: 1.450 RON Christmas is offer Price: 1.590 RON, New Year's Eve (5 nights accommodation).
Details of the venue can be found on

Another specialist of spam (see image below), it hits me hard with "Thicknesses: 1.7 and 2 mm".


I sell Swedish flooring, flooring, rugs and carpets etc.. bleah. um.

Argghh! web , They say promote website freeThrough a web directory . (from where many web addresses are added, by categories)…. Well guys, you are not able to send an email and you want to promote ???


Date: Thu, 18 October 2007 20: 57: 38 + 0300
We invite you to add your site to directory is simple, takes less (1 minute) and is effective (the site is promoted free)
8IM Team


Better. The day ended well, especially since I found the job that I dreamed all his life.

Do you want to become an Avon representative? Then contact me at the mess id helios_destiny or write me by e-mail… .. for more details. I am waiting for you! (Register representatives regardless of the city). Do not hesitate !!

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Yep. From the first day of life I dreamed of being represented Avon! pff :)

I think I'll open a Mail Blog :) Aha. I have given you ideas? ;)

Meil of meiluri

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